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About Our Universal Time & Attendance Software

Its finally here. Our new Time and attendance Software called Universal Time & Attendance. The Time & Attendance that will cater for your needs. Universal Time & Attendance has a multi-user platform that allows users to manage information and reports simultaneously (stand-alone, Lan or Wan).

Normal time, Overtime, Saturday overtime, Sunday overtime, Late arrivals, Early departures, Long lunch or Smoke breaks are all standard features and all are available on reports. Fixed shifts, Rotating shifts and Auto shift detection ensure precise time calculations to provide flawless timesheets and reports.
Time and attendance Reports can be exported into any electronic format and can be automatically emailed to supervisors or managers providing seamless efficiency.


  • True Windows 32/64Bit (SQL Database)
  • Multi-User (Access software across network via multiple users)
  • Multi-User View Option (Department, Cost Centre or Company)
  • System Security "Multiple User" Log in and Password protection
  • Employee Master File has personnel notes with photo linking option
  • Employee Disciplinary and Warnings records - with full reporting
  • Employee Training Module
  • Leave Module "Book your user definable leave in advance "Paid or Un-Paid"
  • Employee and Machine costing reports are available
  • Employee Rostering with Schedules and hour targets
  • Employee's Clocking can be corrected
  • Employee's Hours can be adjusted with a "reason code"
  • Detailed "Ms-Excel" look alite clocking and hours editing screen
  • Multiple Public Holiday Calendar
  • User definable absenteeism codes
  • Standard A.W.O.L code for employees with "no clocking's" on a "Compulsory Work Day"
  • Each Manager can run or print their own reports "View to Screen or Print option"
  • User definable system codes (Company, Grades, Occupation, Department)
  • Fixed Shifts, Rotating Shifts, Employee Rosters or Auto Shift Detection rules
  • Fixed or Flexible lunch, tea or toilet/smoke breaks
  • First & Last clocking's option for managers and supervisors
  • Comprehensive reporting: All reports can be printed as Hours, Minutes OR Decimals
  • Detailed clocking's and hours summary reports
  • Absenteeism/Late Arrival and Early Departure (Exception reports)
  • Employee, Department and Cost Centre Analysis Reports
  • Balancing Reports option
  • Reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, HTML and PDF formats for "Email"
  • Bulk Clocking's and Hours allocation
  • Secure Backup and Restore feature (Local or Network drivers)
  • Universal Time and Attendance has a standard payroll package exports
  • VIP Payroll Business Partner
  • User definable payroll periods
  • Customised Reports
  • Customised payroll exporting
  • Automatic Reports engine, emails reports to Managers & Supervisors daily